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  • Flood Project
    Flood study

    Duck Creek Flood Study

    Publication date: 31/05/2019
    The Duck Creek Flood Study has been prepared for Wollongong City Council (Council) to define the existing flood behaviour in the Duck Creek catchment and establish the basis for...

  • Flood Project
    Guidance, Tools and Resources

    Yallah TAFE Crossing Upgrading - Investigation & Design

    Publication date: 01/08/1992
    The catchment of Duck Creek is shown on the Locality Plan, included as Exhibit 1 . Overtopping of the access road and culvert, occurring on several occasions during the past few...

  • Flood Project
    Post event data collection

    Wollongong Creeks June 1991- Flood Levels Surveyed (Mullet Creek, Duck Creek ...

    Publication date: 01/06/1991
    Mullet Creek, Duck Creek & Macquarie Rivulet - Flood Levels Surveyed, June 1991 Maps and figures reporting identified flood levels

  • Flood Project
    Flood study

    Lake Illawarra Flood Study

    Publication date: 30/07/2001
    Lake lllawarra is a shallow coastal lagoon located on the undulating coastal plain between the ocean and the cliffs of the lllawarra Escarpment. The Lake lllawarra Catchment has...