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Wombarra Goodrich Street to Morrison Avenue - Hydrologic & Hydraulic Study

This study examines the hydrology and hydraulics of a series of small catchments in the vicinity of Wombarra, north of Wollongong. The catchments feed the creeks between Morrison Avenue and Goodrich Street. The catchments rise from sea level at Wombarra Beach to over 400m AHD at the top of the Illawarra Escarpment.

The reaches of the streams draining the Illawarra Escarpment are very steep, producing comparatively large peak flows with little warning time. The lower area supports the town of Wombarra and is traversed by the Illawarra Railway Line and Lawrence Hargrave Drive as well as a number of local roads under the control of Wollongong City Council.

The recent floods have highlighted the inadequacy of the existing drainage provisions in the area. It is also clear that the problems cannot be solved by the various authorities acting independently, but that an integrated approach is required. As the first step, this study has been jointly financed by the parties having an interest in the drainage of the catchment in order to define the present situation and determine works required to mitigate flooding. The parties are:

  • The State Rail Authority
  • The Roads & Traffic Authority
  • Wollongong City Council
  • Kembla Coal & Coke Pty Ltd
  • The Department of Mineral Resources.

In order to identify suitable options to mitigate the flooding problems at Wombarra the following approach was adopted:

  • estimate the 1 in 100 year flow in each creek,
  • calculate the existing waterway capacities and identify areas of inadequate capacity,
  • identify options that would solve these problems,
  • estimate the approximate cost of each option.

Additional Information

Field Value
Title Wombarra Goodrich Street to Morrison Avenue - Hydrologic & Hydraulic Study
Publication Date 1 October 1989
Themes Land and Resource Management
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Council/LGA Wollongong City Council
Author/ Prepared by Webb, McKeown and Associates Pty Ltd
Publish date 27 May 2020
Update date 27 May 2020
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Submitted for approval 28 May 2020
Submitted by Julia Muniz de Miranda Sa
Approved 28 May 2020
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