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Report for Drainage Flood Study - Wheatley Street, Bellingen

The tributary draining to Wheatley Street conveys runoff from two tributaries and their catchments, one draining via Sunset Ridge Drive and the other draining under Ringwood Place. These tributaries confluence some distance upstream of the Old Glass Factory, before discharging to a wetland area immediately upstream of Wheatley Street.

Summary and conclusions:

  • Wheatley Street has a raised embankment drained by a 1.2m pipe culvert which discharges underground to the Bellinger River. The pipe culvert is above ground in the area upstream of Wheatley Street resulting in surcharge in the adjacent parking area. During larger events, such as in March 2009, this surcharge reaches flood depths of 2.89m AHD before overflow of Wheatley Street occurs. This would result in flooding of the lots upstream of Wheatley Street and lots downstream between Wheatley Street and the Bellinger River, as flood waters discharge overland.
  • RAFTS, DRAINS and HECRAS models were simulated for a range of storm events and for a range of durations. Even frequent events result in inundation of the car park upstream of Wheatley Street. In a 1-year ARI event depths of 0.6m could be expected in the car park. For less frequent events flooding depths upstream of Wheatley Street would be expected to be excessive with depths of 2.8m AHD expected in the car park in a 100-year event, which is “flash flooding” in nature, with little warning time.
  • Residents confirmed the flood waters overflowed Wheatley Street in the March 2009 event and that once overflow occurs, the discharge over the road is rapid. They also confirmed that the car parking area upstream of Wheatley Street frequently floods and flood waters rise rapidly;
  • Floodplain Management Measures are discussed under the categories of property modification, response modification and flood modification. Simulations were undertaken for selected options to determine benefits in terms of flood damage savings.

Additional Information

Field Value
Title Report for Drainage Flood Study - Wheatley Street, Bellingen
Publication Date 29 June 2011
Themes Land and Resource Management
Spatial Extent
Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors
Council/LGA Bellingen Shire Council
Author/ Prepared by GHD
Publish date 13 June 2019
Update date 21 June 2019
Approval State Approved
Submitted for approval 13 June 2019
Submitted by Akhil Sud
Approved 21 June 2019
Approved by dstazic
Identifier 53c299a3-9cc2-4c77-83ad-d46b33df1a36