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Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks: Data Collection and Flood Study

The Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks Data Collection and Flood Study represents the first phase (Phase A) in the preparation of a Floodplain Management Plan for the Murray River effluent streams of Tuppal Creek and Bullatale Creek. The Plan will be prepared upon the completion of a Floodplain Management Study (Phase B) which is to follow the Data Collection and Flood Study. Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks are effluent streams which convey breakaway flows from the Murray River to the Edward River. The Floodplain Management Plan for Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks will form part of an overall plan for the Central Murray system, which in addition to Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks, consists of the Edward River, Wakool River and Niemur River systems which re-join the Murray River approximately 60 km north-west of Swan Hill.

The objective of the Data Collection component of the Phase A study was to identify what data is available for investigating flooding behaviour and what data is needed to be collected to supplement the available data to allow a properly informed flood study and management plan to be prepared. Existing flood data available for the Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks study area included:

  • gauged flow data;
  • recorded flood height marks;
  • aerial flood photography and satellite imagery;
  • topographic ground survey information;
  • past reports on flooding; and
  • past reports and associated mapping on environmental issues.

The primary objective of the Flood Study was to define the nature and extent of flooding behaviour within the study area. This is achieved through a technical investigation which involves hydrologic and hydraulic analysis. The flood study also enables tools to be developed (e.g. hydraulic models) which can be used to assess possible management options in the next stage of the process (Floodplain Management Study).

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Title Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks: Data Collection and Flood Study
Publication Date 1 March 2002
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