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Murrumbidgee Province - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study

The Murrumbidgee Province of the Riverine Plain is three million hectares in extent, covering an area the size of Belgium. It is greater in size than the total area of protected heritage conservation land in the United Kingdom and only slightly less than the total area of protected heritage conservation land in New South Wales. As part of the 7 million hectare Riverine Plain, the Murrumbidgee Province shares 27,000 hectares of protected land.

Conservation of the Aboriginal heritage in the Riverine Plain region requires the ongoing and informed involvement of government, the Aboriginal community, landholders and the wider community. To reach this objective the Project targets issues where increased knowledge, information and promotion of conservation are immediately required. The project will provide a basis for further NP&WS input to vegetation planning, regional planning, land acquisition and site protection.

The project aims to:

  • Provide a 'baseline' regional cultural heritage assessment of source materials and information that NP&WS, DLAWC, Regional Vegetation Management Committees, Catchment Management Boards, Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALC) and others can use to plan for, and promote, Aboriginal site conservation.
  • Describe and document, through literature reviews and field surveys, the location and character of Aboriginal sites and land uses (prehistoric, historic and contemporary) in the area.
  • Identify areas and landscapes in the Murrumbidgee Province that contain significant or representative Aboriginal sites or places and,
  • Provide recommendations on conservation of such areas.

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Title Murrumbidgee Province - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study
Publication Date 1 June 2001
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