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Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

Fairy and Cabbage Tree Creeks Floodplain Risk Management Study & Plan


Bewsher Consulting Pty Ltd are specialist flood risk management consultants who
were commissioned by Wollongong City Council, with financial assistance from the
Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW), to prepare a
Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for the floodplains of Fairy and Cabbage Tree Creeks, which are located to the north and west of the Wollongong CBD.

The study was overseen by the Fairy and Cabbage Tree Creeks Floodplain
Management Committee, which comprised councillors and staff from Council, officers
from DECCW, the State Emergency Service (SES), the Department of Planning (DoP),
the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), the Mineral Resources Division and BHP Minerals
(Illawarra Coal) as well as several community representatives.

Principal Outcomes

The principal outcomes of this study include:

  • Extensive consultation with the community (Chapter 3);

  • A revision of previous flood studies, with improved estimates of flood extents, levels
    and depths for the 20%, 5%, 2% and 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) events
    and the probable maximum flood (PMF) (BMT WBM, 2009);

  • Estimation of the High, Medium and Low flood risk precincts (and an interim riparian
    corridor) used for planning and development control, plus flood sensitivity
    assessments for an erodible beach bar and for climate change (Chapter 4);

  • Definition of the flood problem by construction of a Flood Damages Database, which quantifies flood damages and records information on existing potentially flood
    affected properties within the study area up to the PMF (Chapter 5);

  • A detailed evaluation of potential floodplain management measures to reduce flood
    damages to existing development (Chapter 6);

  • A recommended Floodplain Risk Management Plan (FRMP) for the Fairy and Cabbage Tree Creeks floodplains (Chapter 7).

Additional Information

Field Value
Title Fairy and Cabbage Tree Creeks Floodplain Risk Management Study & Plan
River Basin 214 - Wollongong
Publication Date 1 December 2010
Themes Land and Resource Management
Spatial Extent
© OpenStreetMap contributors
Council/LGA Wollongong City Council
Author/ Prepared by Brewsher Consulting Pty Ltd
Publish date 13 September 2017
Update date 20 September 2017
Place Name Wollongong, Fairy Meadow
Approval State Approved
Submitted for approval 20 September 2017
Submitted by Don Stazic
Approved 10 November 2017
Approved by ses-sysadmin
Data Comment

Report only.

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