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  • Flood Project
    Floodplain Risk Management Plan

    Tuppal & Bulltale Creeks - Floodplain Management Plan

    Publication date: 01/05/2004
    The Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks FMP has been prepared to replace the 1978 Guidelines. The FMP will serve as the future basis for the management of the Tuppal and Bullatale...

  • Flood Project
    Flood study

    Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks: Data Collection and Flood Study

    Publication date: 01/03/2002
    The Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks Data Collection and Flood Study represents the first phase (Phase A) in the preparation of a Floodplain Management Plan for the Murray River...

  • Flood Project
    Guidance, Tools and Resources

    Edward-Wakool System - River Regulation and Environmental Flows (Draft)

    Publication date: 27/01/2000
    The Edward/Wakool Flow Impact Assessment project was developed by the NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation (DLWC) and funded by the NSW Water Management Fund (WMF) to;...