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  • Flood Project
    Floodplain Risk Management Plan

    Boggabilla Floodplain Risk Management Plan

    Publication date: 07/04/2015
    The general area of Boggabilla is located within the Border Rivers catchment on the Macintyre River floodplain. The town itself lies at the intersection of the Newell Highway...

  • Flood Project
    Post event flood behaviour reports

    Mungindi Levee Flood Analysis

    Publication date: 15/06/2009
    Mungindi is located on the Barwon River, on the New South Wales - Queensland border. That part of the township south of the river lies in the Moree Plains Shire Council Local...

  • Flood Project
    Flood study

    Flood Study for Boggabilla

    Publication date: 18/03/2004
    This report provides the Flood Study component of the floodplain risk management process and details the investigation of flood behaviour associated with the ‘urban’ area of...